Third Party Car Insurance

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Third Party Car Insurance

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Third Party Property Only insurance is our most affordable and basic level of car insurance. It covers for damage caused by your car to other people's property. Third party insurance is vital because it saves you from having to pay for the damage out of your own pocket. And since damage to vehicles, buildings, equipment and possessions could end up costing thousands of dollars, it's a risk no one can afford to take.

Third Party Car Insurance in brief

1300 Insurance is the fast, simple way to get car insurance. With instant quotes, no tedious forms and the choice of annual or monthly premiums, it couldn't be simpler to get great car insurance in place. Your cover will start the moment we accept your application.

If you have an accident which is your fault you'll have to pay for any damage you do to other people's property. With our third party property cover we'll pay up to $20 million for damages caused by you or any other authorised driver of your car.

If you have a car accident caused by someone else, you should able to claim the damages on the other driver's insurance. But they don't have insurance you'll have to pay for all the repairs yourself. That's why our third party property insurance gives you up to $3,000 cover on your car if you are involved in a no-fault accident with an identified uninsured driver.

All our car insurance policies come with a 21-day cooling off period. So if you change your mind within 3 weeks you can simply cancel your policy and get a full refund (as long as you haven't made a claim).

If you have an accident which is your fault, you'll be responsible for all the damage you do. While your CTP covers you for any injuries to pedestrians or other drivers, it does not cover you for the cost of damage to their property. Depending on the nature of the accident, these costs could run to thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Third party property insurance is a low-cost option that protects you against these liabilities if you have an accident. 

Policy Benefits

All of our car insurance policies have a great range of built-in features. These include our 21 day cooling off period, which means you'll get a full refund of your premiums if you change your mind within 3 weeks (as long as no claim is made), and a choice of affordable annual or monthly premiums.

With our Third Party Property Only policy you'll receive a massive $20 million worth of protection for any damage you do to other people's property if you have an accident, as well as up to $3,000 towards repairs on your own car if you have a no-fault collision with an identified uninsured driver.

Our insurance is quick and accessible, with no forms to fill in, just an instant online quote, so you can get affordable insurance cover for your car within minutes. And with options like age restricted driver options you can save even more on your premiums.

We make claiming on your policy very simple too. Simply call us on 1300 467 872 and one of our friendly, professional claims advisors will guide you through the process.

How to buy

Buying our car insurance is quick and simple. Either call us on 1300 Insurance (1300 467 872) or get an instant online quote. Your insurance will start from the moment we accept your application.

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* About the 10% online discount

Discounts apply to the premium paid for a new 1300 Insurance policy initiated online on or after 30 March 2017. The discount applies to Gold Comprehensive, Third Party Property and Third Party Fire & Theft Car Insurance. We reserve the right to change the offer without notice. Base rate premiums subject to change. The discount does not apply to any renewal offer of insurance.

The discount offer applies only to the premium for an insurance product. It does not apply to the fees that we may charge you (these are described in our Financial Services Guide). You will be responsible for all applicable GST and other statutory charges.

Important Policy Information

Insurance policies do not cover every eventuality. Before you purchase any insurance it's important to ensure you understand what is and isn't covered. You should carefully read the Product Disclosure Statement and be aware of what is excluded from cover and the conditions you will need to observe.

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Policy Exclusions

Some exclusions apply to this policy. Check the Product Disclosure Statement for full details before you buy your policy.

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