Home and Contents Insurance: Make a Claim

Your home might be the heart of your lifestyle. If there's been a break-in, or your home has been damaged, you may want to get it back to normal as quickly as possible. This page sets out the ways in which you can lodge a home and/or contents insurance claim with your insurer.

I need to make a claim on my home and/or contents insurance. What do I do?

Do what you reasonably can to prevent further loss, damage or liability. Tell the police as soon as reasonably possible about any malicious damage, theft, attempted theft, burglary or loss of insured property. Contact the Claims Call centre on 1300 467 872 and advise the Claims Consultant of what has happened: the Claims Consultant will help you through the buildings and/or contents insurance claims process. In order to be sure that you are covered under this policy you should always contact us for approval before you incur any expenses you wish to claim. If you do not, we will pay for the expenses incurred to the amount we would have authorised had you asked first.


Your home insurance is underwritten by Allianz, Allianz is the insurer for over 3 million Australians. A convenient way to lodge a home insurance claim is via Allianz’s online claim form.

Once Allianz receives the completed online claim form, one of their friendly claims consultants will contact you as soon as possible.

  • Secure form
  • Immediate confirmation number for your reference
  • You can submit your home insurance claim form 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

By phone

You can also lodge a claim by calling 1300 467 872, and a friendly claims consultant will help you with the claims process.

Please have this information with you when you call:

  1. Your policy number
  2. Details of the incident (including the date and time it occurred)

You’ll also need to provide the following additional information:

  • Nature of the incident (theft of items from the home, storm damage to the roof etc.)
  • Details of any police or other emergency services that were involved
  • Details of any emergency repairs that have been completed
  • For contents insurance claims, a list of the items you are claiming

Please have a pen and paper handy, as your insurer may provide you with some important information that you will need to take note of.

Note: Unless you are the policy holder or a named person listed on the policy, your insurer may not be able to discuss the incident with you for privacy and security reasons.

For policies purchased on or after 18th November 2017

1300 Insurance Pty Ltd ABN 50 124 845 727 AR Number 327609 is authorised to arrange and provide written general advice on this insurance as agent for the insurer Allianz Australia Insurance Limited ABN 15 000 122 850 AFSL No 234708 (Allianz). We do not provide any advice based on any consideration of your objectives, financial situation or needs. Terms, conditions, limits and exclusions apply. Before making a decision, please consider the relevant Product Disclosure Statement available from 1300 Insurance website. If you purchase this insurance, we will receive a commission that is a percentage of the premium. We will also receive a percentage of the profit which exceeds the profit threshold on Home (excluding flood), Landlord (excluding flood), Motor, Caravan and Trailer and Commercial policies referred by us to Allianz (or renewed with Allianz) in each calendar year, provided that the relevant premium threshold is met. From 1 September 2018, we will also receive an annual marketing allowance from Allianz for promoting its products. This is calculated as a percentage of the premium on Home, Landlord, Motor, Caravan and Trailer and Commercial policies referred by us to Allianz in the previous 12-month period. Ask us for more details before we provide you with services.