Improving Feng Shui on a T-Junction House

October 16, 2014

Living in a house that sits on a T-Junction is a Feng Shui Master’s worst nightmare. A T-Junction house is one type of houses that has obvious bad Feng Shui. As discussed in our previous article – How to Buy a House with Good Feng Shui – a T-Junction house not only has too much movement energy coming towards it (from the oncoming traffic) but also the higher risk of cars running into your front door.

a T-Junction House


So are you living in a T-Junction home? Or perhaps you’ve just bought a property that sits on a T-Junction? As with anything, Feng Shui can be improved and below are a few tips to improve Feng Shui for T-Junction houses.

1. Build a Gate – as high as you possibly can.

This is almost a must for T-Junction homes as a high front gate will block most of the negative movement energy associated with T-Junctions. A fence or a simple short gate wont do, you will need a high strong gate made out of bricks or concrete to do the job properly. The gate will act as a barrier and protect your home and you from the bad Feng Shui. If a house on a T-Junction is only one drunk driver away from swerving into your front lawn, then your high front gate will also protect from such accidents.

2. Plant a Giant Tree in your Front Yard

Planting a tall tree in your front yard will also block off the negative Feng Shui energy and give your home a shady front for the hot Summer days. A tall tree can do the job of protecting your home, similar to what a high gate is capable of doing. But beware of the position of the tree in relation to your front door. It is equally as bad Feng Shui for the front door of your home to be facing a giant tree – it will block the incoming good energy that brings luck and good fortune from entering your house. Plant the tree as close to the road as possible and ensure that it does not block the pathway leading to your front door.

3. Move the position of your front door.

If the front door of your house is also facing the road, this worsens the Feng Shui state of your house. Since Feng Shui masters believe that energy enter mainly from your front door, you are allowing the negative movement energy from the oncoming road to enter directly via your front door. Aim to face your doorway away from the oncoming road as much as possible. The renovation of your front door can cost you a little more than planting a tree in your front yard, so you should explore the other options first before opting for this one. If you are thinking of renovating your front door for better Feng Shui, aim for the new door to face the east, as the east is considered to have better Feng Shui.

image via: Marvelle Photography

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