How to Make the Most out of Your Daily Commute

March 16, 2015

If you are not jammed into a packed train like a can of sardines, there is actually plenty to do on your daily commute everyday. Think about  it, your commute is about a free 60 mins of your day where you are away from nagging house chores and the screams of your children. Let’s make the best out of your commute so you arrive at work or at home feeling refreshed!

1. Read a Book

The old-fashioned way to pass time on your commute. Did you know that 15 minutes reading per day keeps your mind active and healthy? Reading increases knowledge and opens up your mind to new things. It’s a low-maintenance hobby that yields many benefits for our physical and mental health. Can’t afford the new book you’ve got your eyes on? Check out bookdepository.com for books at low prices and free worldwide delivery. Or you could go to your local library and borrow your books — Australian public libraries usually give three week loans on books and reservations for popular reads.

2. Read through Newsletters and Blogs You Subscribe To

You know all those newsletters and  blogs you subscribe to? Do you actually ever get a chance to read what you’re subscribing to? Your commute  is the perfect time to open that monthly newsletter from your favourite fitness blogger and read what he or she has got to say on how you can tone your abs for the summer. Also a chance to unsubscribe from some no-longer-relevant subscriptions.

3. Clean out Your Phone’s Photo Album

People freak out on phone manufacturers for only giving them 16GB of space on their phone. Do you know how big 16 GB is? It’s enough for 6,000 large photos, 3,200 songs and 16 compressed movies. The bulk of the average person’s phone memory is usually taken up by photos, and the last thing you want is to be caught out of memory at the perfect Kodak moment (do we still call it that now that Kodak is out of business?). Anyway, the solution to your phone storage problem is simple — delete your photos. There is so much junk in our photo album these days: screenshots of memes and of expired documents, Google Maps screenshots, duplicate photos (because these days there’s always that just-in-case shot), the blurred photos that your kids took when they were playing with your camera… the list can go on. Point is, 16 GB is enough space for a phone if you delete stuff you don’t need, and what better way to reminisce and do this idle task  whilst on a moving train?

4. Write a Letter

Or an email if you prefer. But write a personal letter to a long distance friend perhaps? We are in the age where likes on Facebook means keeping in touch, but if you want to really be in touch to the point that it wont be awkward if you visit and stay at their house next summer then you’ll have to do more than the annual trinity of social media posts (Birthday, Christmas and New Year). Tell them about your life, what your kids did to your laundry room walls or how your husband has just taken golf up as a hobby and is now spending your vacation budget on a new golf set. Long distance friends are great for this kind of stories as they are so out of your life and away from your usual circle that nothing will ever get back to the people you are talking about. Keep in touch with long distance friends because their lives are so different to yours but will somehow share the same struggles as you. Get a window seat and you’ll find it more enjoyable to write as the view outside passes you by.

5. Sleep

Want to feel re-energized for your dinner tonight with the in-laws? A 20 minute nap will definitely do the trick. Make it 20 minutes tops though or otherwise you’ll feel lethargic and will actually want to hit your pillow once you get hom. Why 20? Don’t know, but I’ve found that sleeping at the 20 minute mark gives me the boost I need to not be a post work zombie at the dinner table. Make sure you set an alarm of some sort though, don’t want to miss your stop  on your 20 minute doze.

Image via: Tsunagu Japan

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