5 Pets that are More Famous Than You

January 5, 2015

There are celebrities and then there are pet celebrities. Most of these pets have inherited their celebrity status from their world-famous owners, but there are some who have earned their own fame. But whatever the case, these five pets are definitely more famous than you.

1. Bo Obama

The first dog. It’s hard not to be famous when the person that takes you out for walks is the leader of the largest democracy on this planet. Bo the Portugese Water Dog was a topic of great speculation and debate when Obama was first elected as the 44th president of the United States back in 2009. There was a huge search for the perfect presidential pet and one of the questions in Obama’s first press conference was what breed of dog he was thinking of getting for the White House. Lucky for Bo, Portugese Water Dog was the breed of choice.

2. Tinkerbell Hilton

Not only is Tinkerbell world-famous and gracing the covers of every tabloid in the western world, she’s rich! This little chihuahua lives predominantly in designer handbags clutched by her super wealthy socialite owner Paris Hilton. LV, Prada, Chanel – you name it, she’s probably sat in it! Tinkerbell has also initiated a trend of “accessory dogs” which serve much the same purpose as a handbag or a piece of jewellery on its owner.

3. Dolly the Sheep

Dolly was not owned by any presidents or rich socialite but her celebrity status matches those of Bo and Tinkerbell. Dolly was the first animal to ever be cloned from the cell of another adult animal by a process called somatic cell nuclear transfer. Although she was successfully cloned, her life was one plagued with health issues. She was under constant monitoring at the Roslin Insititue where she was diagnosed with arthritis, accelerated aging and a progressive lung disease that resulted in her euthanasia in 2003. But not to worry, if you want to ever see Dolly she is up on display at the Royal Museum of Scotland.

4. Bubbles the Monkey

Perhaps it has been a few years since we’ve heard anything about Bubbles the Monkey and his popularity has declined since his owner’s, Michael Jackson,  death in 2009. The focus on MJ was too strong and not many people asked the question: What ever happened to Bubbles? Truth is, Bubbles has been exiled out of Neverland since 2003, after a violent incident that involved monkey feces and Japanese school children. The monkey that used to be an inseparable mate to MJ, often dressed in identical outifts as its owner, also slept ate and even danced the moonwalk with Michael. Bubbles is now currently living in a sanctuary, possibly still doing the random moonwalk once in a while.

5. Shamu the Killer Whale

Shamu is a stage name given to the killer whales (orca) held in captivity in SeaWorld San Diego. There has been a couple of “shamus” in recent history when the original one died in 1971. Shamu has been a loyal spectacle for SeaWorld San Diego, having daily shows with thousands of audience members cheering her on with the Shamu wave. The Shamu wave is a chant recited by audience members to encourage Shamu to spray  water at the audience and do cool acrobatic tricks.

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