5 Reasons You Must Visit Prague

August 7, 2014

Czech Republic is a small landlocked country with its borders towered by the giants of Europe – namely Austria, Poland, Germany and Slovakia. However, there is no disputing that Czech Republic is one of Central Europe’s touristic gems. The country, despite being a young nation, is steeped with rich culture and heritage. There are various cities within the Czech Republic, each with its own character and history. A visit to the capital, Prague, is a must for every traveler, young and old. Here are five reasons why:

1. Favorable Exchange rates

Compared to other Central European destinations, Czech Republic utilizes its own local currency, the Czech Koruna, which help keep spending cost in Prague relatively low. Currently, AUD$1 equals to about 19 Czech Koruna – in beer currency this means AUD$1.50 can buy you a bottle of beer! The currency itself is an important factor that allows one to have an enjoyable holiday in the capital, without having to scrimp and starve!

2. Czech food

The rather affordable exchange rates will allow a visitor to Prague to purchase some of the heartiest and more delicious of European delicacies. Food is an interesting way to get accustomed with local culture and people, and Czech food is one way to understand the Czech lifestyle. Czech food is hearty and rich in flavors – and definitely not for the calorie counter! One can easily find many authentic local eateries in Prague. Do make sure to try their bread dumplings, rich beef stews (Svíčková na smetaně) and my favorite, potato pancakes!

3. The Czech Beer

Wash down all that scrumptious food with the worldwide acclaimed Czech beer. Czech Republic is known for its beer – and the fact that beer is cheaper than bottled water in some places! Scattered all over Prague are bars, which serve its famous Pilsner beer fresh from a tap. Try different brews of beers, or fancy a cola-infused beer? Prague has got it all! A Prague bar hopping experience is like none other and a must-do when in Prague.

4. Karlovy Lazne

There are nightclubs and  then there is Karlovy Lazne – a five-story club nested in the heart of Old Prague. Dubbed as one of the biggest clubs in Central Europe, partygoers would be spoilt for choices at this massive club. Travel back to a 70’s disco on level 3, and when you’re done with the oldies, go down to the basement to enjoy a modern club pounding with hip hop music. With numerous rooms and varying music styles between each level of the club, this is the go-to destination after one too many beers. Prague also has an active nightlife with a surplus of nightclubs that would keep any party animal entertained all night.

5. Beautiful Architecture

Finally, one must simply visit Prague because it is simply stunning. Prague is one of the most beautiful European cities. Its old historic city center – a UNESCO world heritage site – houses beautiful buildings and cathedrals. Stroll along the river and cross the iconic Charles Bridge and take in all the sights whilst you walk along the cobblestone roads. If the hordes of tourists during the day affect your experience of the city, take a stroll late at night where the city is just as mystical and beautiful. Climb the Prague castle for stunning panoramic views of Prague and watch the sunset from the highest peak of the city. Prague is a unique city with architecture fit for a fairytale, and honestly speaking, Prague’s architecture is enough to take your breath away.

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