Yellow cars have the best resale value

June 30, 2014

I know some shade of yellow makes cars look like taxis, but new research from prove that cars with brighter eccentric colours sell for higher prices than their black/grey/white counterpart.

All cars will depreciate in value but this incredible new finding done over 20 years analyzing 20 million cars has discovered that the average price of the resale price of yellow cars were the highest. They, on average, depreciated only at 26% over 5 years compared to identical black cars depreciating at a rate of 34%.

That could mean an extra $1,500 at year 5 for reselling a yellow car than a black car!

Findings also discovered that other non-standard colours such as red, green, teal and gold also did better than standard colours. On average, non-standard coloured cars have a 10% gap on their depreciated value over 5 years, given same conditions.

Researchers think this is due to the scarcity of non-standard colours in the resale market. Also, the more eccentric the car-colour combination like a teal convertible or a yellow jeep, the more likely it is for these cars to retain their value.

Of course! Like selling anything, having a one-of-a-kind product puts you in front of the pact and lets you have the upper hand when determining a price. It is also very likely that your potential buyer is very particular about their buy and will insist on paying more for an eccentric coloured car rather than the standard price for the standard coloured car.

If you don’t mind turning heads as you zoom by the parking lot, eccentric colours are definitely something  you should consider at your next car purchase. Yellow is the word!

Image via: moto-verso

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