Business Property & Asset Insurance

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Business Property & Asset Insurance

Traditional business property (or 'asset protection') insurance protects the buildings, equipment, stock and possessions of your business from physical threats such as fire, flood, theft or malicious damage. It covers the cost of repairing or replacing your lost or damaged stock or assets.

Another popular form of business insurance is 'business interruption' or 'business continuity' cover, which protects you against financial losses should you have to temporarily halt your operations for some reason. Whether your loss is due to physical damage to your property, or other circumstances outside of your control such as a power outage or industrial action, this type of insurance protects your income and is often used in conjunction with property insurance.

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Small Business Insurance Package

A small business insurance package provides all the essential business cover you need in a single, affordable policy. It’s the easy insurance solution for SMEs with up to 20 employees and assets of up to $1M, and is a low-cost way to get cover for all the main risks faced by most growing businesses, including comprehensive cover for physical loss or damage to your property and interruption to your business.

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For Larger Businesses

If you operate a larger business, or are looking for a tailored business insurance solution, our skilled advisors can give you expert advice and put together a comprehensive package to meet your specific needs.

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Why do I need business property insurance?

Every business has assets. Depending on the kind of business you have, these assets may represent a very substantial investment. They could include offices, factories, manufacturing equipment, technology and vehicles. If you operate a manufacturing or retail business you may also have a high value of stock to protect. Property insurance ensures that you will be able to meet the costs of repair or replacement, and get your operations back up and running as soon as possible, should something happen to your premises, merchandise or equipment.

Even service businesses, with no stock and fewer physical assets, may have financial reserves, intellectual property or technology which is essential to their operations. How would it affect your business if you lost access to your computers or communications network? What would it cost you, in reparations and reputation, if your security were breached and your customers' private data were stolen? What if one of your employees embezzled some of your funds and you were unable to recover the money?

There are numerous types of specialised insurance which can help you to protect your company's physical and financial assets against insidious threats like these. You can also take out insurance which covers your goods or equipment in transit.

If you have business or equipment loans you may be required to take out property insurance as a condition of your financing. Whatever you need, our expert advisors can help you to assess the individual threats your business faces and find insurance for any type of asset.

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