Public Liability Insurance

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Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance protects your business against the financial risk of accidents that happen as result of your business activities. Personal injury is one of the most serious risks facing most businesses, because the financial implications could be disastrous. Whether or not you are at fault, if someone is hurt while on your premises, or while you are working on another property, your business could be sued for extensive medical costs, as well as compensation for any financial loss they experience as a result of the incident.

Product Liability

Product liability insurance protects you against the risk that one of your products causes damage or injury to a person or another business. If your product inadvertently causes harm; whether as a result of design defects, errors in the manufacturing process or because of inaccurate or misleading instructions; you could have to pay substantial compensation costs to anyone who has suffered as a result of using it.

Small Business Insurance Package

A small business insurance package provides all the essential business cover you need in a single, affordable policy. It’s the easy insurance solution for SMEs with up to 20 employees and assets of up to $1M, and is a low-cost way to get cover for all the main risks faced by most growing businesses, including public and product liability.

For Larger Businesses

If you operate a larger business, or are looking for a tailored business insurance solution, our skilled advisors can give you expert advice and put together a comprehensive package to meet your specific needs.

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Why do I need public or product liability insurance?

The potential costs of a product or public liability claim against your business could be bankrupting. A personal injury claim, especially if the victim is left permanently impaired or unable to work, could attract millions of dollars in damages. Product liability costs could also be prohibitive, particularly if you sell high volumes and risk having to pay compensation to large numbers of customers, plus the associated costs of a product recall.

Public liability insurance also protects you against the costs of damage to the property of a client or member of the public, including the repair or replacement of the damaged item and compensation for losses as a result of the damage. If you are a contractor who works regularly on other people's property, such as a builder, plumber or provider of cleaning or maintenance services, this is of vital importance.

Public liability insurance is a fundamental operating requirement for many businesses. It provides essential protection for both consumers and businesses, since most companies would not be able to meet the costs of a claim without insurance. You may need to provide evidence of your insurance arrangements in order to secure business funding, apply for any necessary operating or trading licences, or bid for contracts.

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